Who's Exempt

Some vehicles are exempt from MOT testing. Below is a list of those vehicles:

  • Motor tractors
  • Track-laying vehicles
  • Articulated vehicles that are not lorry or buses (including bendy buses)
  • Works trucks
  • Invalid carriages weighing no more than 306kg when unloaded
  • Vehicles that are only used to pass from land occupied by vehicle owner to other land occupied by that person, and are not used on the road for more than a total of 6 miles in a week
  • Hackney carriage or private hire vehicles taxed by local authorities that are authorised to check the road-worthiness of this vehicle
  • Hackney carriage (vehicle taxed to carry passengers) getting tax discs from Transport for London
  • Vehicles provided for police purposes and maintaned in an approved workshop
  • Electric-powered goods vehicles
  • Trams
  • Trolley vehicles that are not auxilary trolley vehicles (vehicles that are adapted to run from power provided from a source on board)
  • Vehicle authorised to be used on the road by a Special Types General Order
  • Vehicles used only on certain islands that do not have a bridge, tunnel, ford or other suitable way for motor vehicles to be conveniently driven to a road in any part of the UK
  • Vehicles manufactured or registered before 1st January 1960